Monoliths Mario World 3


This is a fan game based on the infamous Mario video game series by Nintendo. This game features 3 worlds, with 3 boss levels. Fight your way through hordes of enemies and save that princess (again..). You're the only hope to save the mushroom kingdom!


The controls are fully configurable in the options menu. This is the standard configuration: [move left] – left arrow key [move right] - right arrow key [move up (e.g. climbing up)] – up arow key [move down] – down arrow key [jump] – S [run] – A (hold this key while moving to gain speed and to jump higher!) [pause game] – space This game is a generic platformer, just like the classic mario games: To kill enemies you need to jump on their head. Avoid spikes, lava and other dangerous things to survive. If you hit block from below you can collect coins and powerups. Collect powerups, coins and kill a lot of enemies to get a high score!



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